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sleepy stripes

hito is not really a black and red stripe type of guy. he thinks it a bit too emo for his taste. i still made him try the sweater on for shits and giggles. … very pretty.

the sweater is for a sample i promised someone. it’s the first project that i’ve been able to work on since the con ended. i’m so happy with the results. this one is staying with me. mainly so that i have a reference for later when i go to make others and also for the fact that my boys (especially the one that i was intended for) looks awesome in it.

so while i wait for a response about this sweater, my next sweater is one for the classic style dollshi. one that i’ve been planning to do for a very long time now. that will be a fun one.

in the mean time here are proper photos of the fit and this sweater More»


i never really showed off any of the blushing job i did on hitomu. here’s a little sample. it may be a bit much for some. i think i got carried away with some parts of the body but i had my reasons. lack of sleep and being a bit punch drunk didn’t help at all. i love it though. i will admit that i did not like the volk’s sd13 feet at first. i thought they were gnarly little things. now i’ve grown to love them. when he’s at home and with me he rarely wears shoes:P

anyway, enough about feet. i’m getting all of my stuff ready for the commission thread. i realized today, of all times, that i didn’t have an example of a specific collar style. so i started on one this morning so that i could at least have a sample to show. i will also be putting up a sale thread for the few sweaters i had left at the convention as well as a few i had started before the con but didn’t get to during. keep your eyes open this week.


hitomu stealing takumi’s glasses. hito is not usually the prankster type of boy but he knows very well that tak is blind as a bat without them.
i think hito needs a pair of reading glasses>.< so this may sound so odd... and maybe a bit brutal but for the last few months i've been wanting to hack at hito's wig. now i love the jpopdoll kana wig to pieces, don’t get me wrong. it has to be one of my favorite wigs ever. i even have one in a 7-8 size for the minis. but i think hito needs a shorter style now. my biggest inspiration is Robin’s Egg’s blog. her collection of dolls are so stunning but i absolutely adore the wigs she has. the two i’m referring to directly are this “lovely” and this “pretty“. i’m not sure if she alters them herself or if they come that way but i think these similar styles would be perfect for hito. don’t you think? so much so that i’m ready to run out and get a hair razor and have a go with his head.
too bad i’m too much of a wimp. the only thing stopping me is the fact that this particular kana wig has been sold out for some time. but once they come back in stock it’s going to get a good hacking:P

tomorrow is another meet. it’s in ownings mills. the location and time is listed on the baltidoll message board as well as doa. so if you get the chance, stop by… hopefully the rain will hold off.

gage in amubleu... pretty<3

so i finally make my con post for the doll blog. i actually started this late last night but gave up when i realized the time.

i had a great time this year. thank you everyone who stopped by to say hello. it was great to see familiar faces as well as meet new ones. i lost my voice by sunday evening talking to everyone… well that and screaming at the vamps concert the thursday before.

i took a chance making all of those sweaters for the convention and i was very happy with the results. i hope everyone who got to take one home felt the same way. thank you again!

the mr took these photos.

mizuko doesn’t get as much attention as another boy i know. i did get this lovely kanzashi for him (even though it’s more suitable for a girl). he and his kimono have a history together and he’s not giving it up anytime in the future. no matter how much teasing he goes through when he wears it. i think he’s adorable.

the kanzashi is made by Kaede-chan on doa. she shared an artist booth and had all of her lovely doll clothes and kanzashi, doll sized and human. just one of the few purchases i made this weekend at otakon. there were so many amazing dolls at the con this year as well as doll craft people. i get to my purchases later this week.

i would post more tonight but the craziness that was all of last week finally caught up to me and i just haven’t had the time and energy to go through the few photos i took. this week though. i got some great photo of kiddies in my sweaters<3.

don't give me that look

this is not a happy girl. she was left in her carrier for a month and a half, the entire time plotting out our demise. luckily i had purchased a beautiful hat from gaia of bambina carabina and all was forgiven. now the other girls are claiming abuse and other nonsense. it looks like i may have to get a few more.

hito no atarashi seta

um, yeah, i’m keeping this one. but to be fair i did start on this one months ago. i just happened to have stumbled upon it while looking through my mohair yarn stash. i figured that it would have been one less sweater to start but half way through i decided to change the neck line. i started my shaping earlier then usual and i’m so happy with the results… but not with the photos. i put the sweater on hito this evening and loving the fit i threw him again a door and took a few shots. he didn’t even know what had hit him. poor boy. at least looked like a little angle in the process.