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no pictures today.

mallory aka _mouse_ who was the creator and a major part of the baltimore doll group, baltidoll is no longer with us as yesterday evening.


i need to come up with better titles.

i still haven’t gone through my meet up photos from last weekend. i know i got a few good ones too. alissa brought a copy of the new dolly bird #12 for me which has photos from the harajuku show as well two silver butterfly patterns that i’m dieing to make. mallory also gave me her wintery head to paint.
i’m hoping to do some painting this weekend. finger’s crossed that the humidity is low (yeah right) not only do i have the wintery but katie’s jury to finish. i need to have both done before otakon. mallory wants him for the convention and i not sure when i’ll see katie after the con so i will be busy.

i did make a new hat for the captain which i hope to make more of for the convention. i was trying it on him tonight when i decided to mess around with him and hito. i think hito has a new friend or the captain has a step stool either case i think the hat is a winner.

i’ve been a bit sleepy these past few days. i was nodding off just a few moments ago but just remembered that i haven’t posted in my daily yet. i think next year i’m going to keep posting everyday but bounce back between the two(it may sound weird but if i don’t give myself these goals then i wouldn’t post at all). i post so late that sometime i pass over the doll blog just so i can get to bed at a decent time. besides, i like this blog more anyway;P

my plans this weekend are to blush hito and continue with the knitting. i should have plenty to show after this weekend. i’ve been a knitting fiend. due to issues with the wrist i’ve only been able to work on the sweaters since they are knit loose and relaxed. my hand movements are very minimal when i make these so it’s less strain on the wrist. crocheting has been out of the question but i’m going to see if i can give it ago tomorrow.

we have a meet up at lauren’s house on sunday. it should be very fun. i’m going to make cup cakes. if i have time i’m going to stop by the visionary book store and see if they have some extra doll parts i can use to decorate them with. i think i have a bag of hands somewhere around the house in case i fail to go. the meet looks as though it’s going to be small but i’m fine with that. as all as i get to go is all that matters. i’ve been pretty cooped up in the house working on the convention so a doll meet is defiantly needed for my sanity (though i have to admit both this meet and gogadoll would have worked as well;3).

speaking of which HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY KITTYMARU! i hope you have an amazing time at gogadoll.
i look forward to hearing the reports after the convention.


this post is pretty much pointless other then to post a few pictures. while the mr was out this afternoon i was working on an experiment (like i have time to work on one right now, but anyway). i brought hito down to keep me and chan company. though chan could have done without hito. he’s not a fan of the dolls.
while taking photos of a quilt i received for the daily blog somehow hito snuck into the photos. the lighting wasn’t perfect but it was pretty and i liked how some of them turned out. this is just a mix of a few that i took. far from exciting but once i put together a few prop i can take some photos that may (or may not) make more sense.

i’m a fan of deep v neck shirts at the moment. well it’s been longer then a moment. the boys wear them quite a bit. now that hito has this new body he may be wearing them more often.
poor boy still needs a good sanding a blushing though. we’ll see what i have time for this week.

sweater finished

just showing off the sweater in it’s finished state. so very soft and in the loveliest shade of gray.
i’ve already started on my next one. this time in gold with a key hole style collar. i’m hoping to try out my new buttons with this one.

hito talk. behind cut in case you’re seriously sick of reading or seeing more of him. More»

hito's new body

i really fought with this one. i thought there would be better bodies out there for him but no matter how much i searched i just couldn’t one. i decided on volk’s sd13 because i figured it was a happy medium. not too young, not too mature. thanks to rosa on doa, i was able to get one.

anyway, it’s here and right after attaching hito’s head “pretty” was the first thing that came to mind. the sd13 boy’s body is a very “pretty” body. it actually suits hito. though i still have to get used to him having shoulder’s. emile’s body had none what so ever. (it’s also heavy but not as heavy as tak’s elfdoll body thankfully).
i’m happy to say i love it. the only thing he needs now a his seems sanded, a full body blushing and a tiny tattoo on the back of his neck. as supportive as the mr is he just doesn’t see hito with a tattoo. hito has his reasons.
i tried a few of the sweaters on him and besides his sweater fitting like a glove the sleeves on a few of them were short so i’m going to add a few rows to the pattern. on the other hand, the wrist warmer’s were a perfect fit. they look nicer on the volk’s hand then the mudoll’s.

btw, the sweater above is the newest one and the first one getting ready for otakon(this photo was taken before it was blocked). i tried a new type of collar this time by shaping it using “bind offs” in specific places while i continued to knit. i like the results.