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so same boy, same sweater, same background but new little pin. yeah i don’t usually gush over things like this but come on how cute is this?

apple up close

it’s a tiny vintage apple pin that i bought from earth.spirits on doa. it’s prefect for hito. i think i’ve gone a little crazy over tiny vintage doll sized things lately so when i see things like this i flip out. too cute.



also known as mizu-chan and mizu-poo. this little man hasn’t bee showing his face on the doll blog that much(hito has been hogging the attention lately). i thought i would take a break from crocheting to play with him for a bit.
he’s the baby of the group. everyone pretty much does what this little kappa desires but only because they want to, not because he asks. this little water imp is a bit on the naive and curious side. he wants desperately to be liked by everyone and to be treated as a human.


hito doesn’t have the whole knitting thing down quite yet and is now trying to figure out crocheting. it’s all so very complex for him. i think i’m going to need to turn a tiny crochet hook for him>.< yes the poor boy is still wearing that necklace. i thought that maybe if i slept on it, it would grow on me in the morning but i’m still a bit indifferent about the whole design. yes the flowers are big but i think it’s the chain that i’m not happy with but that’s okay. that is a really easy fix.

silly necklace

so hito and i have been through a bit of drama this weekend (notice that emile is still not using his own body). i’ll be talking about that soon enough.
so to comfort the boy i forced him to wear the most ridiculous necklace i think i’ve ever made.
i was fooling around with some scaled down cloth flowers this weekend and was inspired to make a few romantic/deconstructed style necklaces(i’ve been reading way too many japanese doll blogs latelyO_o). i made these out of some distressed cotton that i had as left overs from other projects. i backed each flower with some crocheted stainless steel wool lace weight and strung everything up with a little silver chain. there is even a garnet color crystal hanging from a chain off the flower but it may be hard to tell. i have a few other flower styles that i’m going to try so we’ll see what i’ll have later.
frustration motivated me to finished this little number up after reading a few critics on doa. it really ticks me off when people recommend prices they’ve seen on places like dollmore for something hand made. when will people get it that you can not compare handmade doll clothes to doll clothes bought from dollmore. that’s like comparing etsy to walmart. (sorry dollmore)ugh…

before and after

well after a little worry this morning and contacting msdoll the ems tracking number still didn’t register. i knew she had sent out the doll. that was never an issue at all. i was wondering if the number was incorrect. no sooner after i sent my message to the msdoll bbs board (how embarrassing) did i get a phone call from my mom saying that may package was there and that kevin was dropping it off. i was one ecstatic and relieved woman.

i took all of the doll arrival photos that i could and even messed around with him before putting his proper head on. when i did i was a bit taken back. now this is going to sound odd for a non doll person but i was was more then taken back. i was shocked. i kept asking myself “is this was my little hito?”. was this the same little beauty taking all of my obsessive attention lately?

crazy ramblings ahead. i’ll spare some the grief: More»


i was knitting away this past weekend. i managed to make three hats with a pattern i was trying to work out. i was hoping to make a slouch hat. the first one (middle one in the photo) had some slouch but not quite enough. i simply made the decision to switch up the needle size after finishing the rib. it worked and the two hat that followed turned out well. i love this yarn. as i knit through the skein each hat becomes totally different from the next. i’m hoping to make more of these with some yarn i’m currently spinning. it’s feels good to not only knit the garment but also the material and tools to make it.
as you can see my bohemian boy hito is modeling for me tonight. his body should be coming this weekend (cross fingers) sadly the tracking number isn’t working after two days. i’m going to check in the morning and then contact msdoll if it still doesn’t register:(

checking through my daily reads, danny choo made an entertaining post about going to dolpa yesterday. when you get the chance check it out. some of my favorite doll clothing designers were there. kaba was one of them (love her!!! what i wouldn’t give for some of her clothes) and right after dollshow as well. how do they do it?

the dolpas held in japan seem so different from what i’ve seen of the us events. am i wrong to say this? i still haven’t made it to the new york dolpa yet. i was thinking about going this year but could not justify a way to do it with all that’s going on this summer. oh well. maybe next year.


this was one of the first photos of hito that i took so that i could mess around on photoshop. his new body is being shipped out this week. i’m so excited. now emile and hito can be together in the same room. poor emile. i think the boy deserves some lovely uk glass eyes and a new pair of shoes.