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and then there was two

my little drayton angels are keeping peace between the ultra men and the kewpie boys (what a troublesome bunch). they look like little drayton eggs don’t they?

yeah i have a bit of a problem when it comes to msdoll and the drayton sculpt. after seeing that msdoll is now selling the devil drayton head with a dreamdoll body i couldn’t pass it up. so i was late for work placing my order in for both the head and body early this morning (plus i wanted get that sweet deal msdoll is offering by being with in the first 10).
i’m going to give the body to hito for now and see what i think. i like the that it has a chest joint, double jointed elbows and is will make hito a only cm taller then tak. the chest joint is the big thing since hito is a sloucher and i could not for the life of me find a shorter body until now.
if it doesn’t work out it will go to one of the other heads but so far it looks good.

night time knitting

there is something to say about cute boys that knit… or at least try to. poor hito. he’s having a bit of a rough first time but you wouldn’t know it. he’s still calm and cool. i think he’ll figure it out some day.
this was the only photo i took last night. with the heat and things just not working the way i wanted them to, i just gave up after one shot. i really need to think the photos out and take my time. i’m always expecting things to work out at the very first try. it doesn’t always happen that way.

well msdoll delivered early and the new devil drayton is up on ndoll. i’m seriously tempted. as tame and “normal” as my large boys seem i wouldn’t mind having a little dramatic devil lounging about. i would be tempted to open his eyes ever so slightly, but we’ll see. i would have to get my hands on him first.
btw, searching around the ndoll site i saw this another space outfit that i’ve been eyeing up for a while now. i really want the vest for hyde and the pants for hito i think… or tak. either way, i want it. i’m not sure what i would do with the rest of it.

oh one more thing, the lovely mallory (_mouse_ on doa) started up a forum of sorts for the baltimore bjd group. if your in the baltimore group and haven’t joined do so when you get the chance. there is even a section for our favorite socialite vivian von vanderbelt. what more can you ask for?

sorry for the doll blog being so slow. other things took over this week that has me pulled away from the dollies.
msdoll vamp. tba
btw, pictures from msdoll.
how lovely is he? msdoll gave a sneak peak of a new doll this morning. it looks be like a vamp version of the drayton 2. the blue/grey skin tone is rather lovely. i can only imagine that the doll will be sold as whole. msdoll will be showing more this thursday. i can not wait.

i’ll try to be a good dolly blogger this week. i have a convention to prep for next month but i’ll sneak sometime in with the boys. we all need it T_T


i’m still trying to figure this thing out. too many bells and whistles but not as much as an slr. i photographed a few of the sweaters since i plan on posting them very soon(taking way to long to do so).
hitomu was also looking rather sad this afternoon. sometimes he’s content looking, worried or in thought. i’m not quite sure why this is. this particular evening i felt like i need to play with him for a bit. it’s been a few days since i’ve picked any of the boys up so tonight hito got all the attention.
btw, the mr was right about more lighting.

doll brain fart:
so i’m pretty content with my doll want list but lately a few dolls have popped up and caught my attention. of course the new dollshi body has caught me but i think i’m going to wait and see what other face plates are being released before i scream i need one.
and for some strange reason the recent release of the volks tohya has caught my eye. i was never fond of this sculpt in the past but for some reason (maybe face up? maybe the sleepy eye thing got to me?) i love this one. i’ve also been seeing him on the various jp doll blogs i visit regularly. most have been given face ups by the owners, making him lovelier. oh well, no plans yet. plus i’m not sure if i’m patient enough to seek him out just yet (though, there is an insane amount of lovely dolls up for grabs on the doa marketplace right now. i bet there is at least two saying “take me home”).

hito's new eyes

hito’s lovely olive green eyes came in today and i couldn’t be more excited. they are 14mm uk glass that were purchased though a pupapa paradise group order that alissa put together. how lovely are they? i’ve been going through this olive green kick for a while now and always wanted one of my boys to have eyes this color. now i do and they are just perfect for him.

anyway here are some pictures of the eyes in action More»


poor hito. i realized late last night that one of his lashes were coming out. i think it was that way saturday or maybe just from traveling. goodness, how embarrassing. tonight i did a little repair and used a stronger glue and he’s as good as new. i even took some time out to take some photos.

still on the topic of lashes i’m thinking of placing an order with volks to get some lashes (though i’m just asking for trouble… did i ever tell you that i hate putting lashes in?).
anyway, it is taking me every bit of strength not to order these shoes. how cute are they?

cliche, no?
so cliche, no?

the mr, tofucat, deityofdeath and i met up with Hominivorax and _mouse_ early yesterday morning to head over to dc for the cherry blossom festival. i was lugging two sd sized boys and my mnf. it was tough at first but wasn’t so bad a bit later(honestly, i think the shoulder becomes numb after the first 30 minutes and then your good to go :P).
after a good but windy lunch and a little shopping we met up with several collectors in front of the freer museum for the cherry blossom festival meet. after we gathered we soon moved over to the gardens where everyone talked, took photos and admired each other’s dolls.
we had luckily ran into kittymaru and her friend cheshiretiffy before the meet began. they both brought their lovely machina’s. before this meet i had only seen one in person and i’m still in awe when it come to these girls. they are just amazing. these two especially, since there was so much work put into making them so unique. i’m trying to convince the mr that he needs one. i was able to talk him into thinking he needed a puki. i know i can do the same for a machina. mwahahaha……

the meet was really nice and it was good to see familiar faces as well as new ones. i talked so much that when i got home my voice was pretty much gone.

btw, here are a few more photos