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an eye opener

i did my first official full eye mod. did a pretty good job too. i must admit that i was a bit too chicken to use the good head i purchased from ms doll. i used her gift practice head instead. there are some subtle differences between the two that i didn’t see until i started painting but either way i love the end results.
his eyes are so small. they are almost as small as my migidoll ryu’s eyes and he wears 12mm. i didn’t want to go beyond the size of the sleepy head but at the same time i really hoping that hito can wear the uk glass eyes i ordered for him. they are size 14mm and a lovely shade of olive. we’ll see. the small sized eyes give him that sleepy look that i wanted to keep. now all he needs is a body.
here’s another pic with him wearing mizuko’s default blue 14mm. More»

hito and tak

we all had a great time last sunday. it was a bit of a travel but so worth it. i spent a lot of this evening going over my photos. sadly i didn’t have time to post them here so if you want to check them out, here is a link to the doa thread.


it’s not like the sculpt has taken over the blog or anything.
today i received my package from msdoll today and not only did it include the head that i ordered but a “junk cast” of the same sculpt. msdoll’s reason, “so that you can practice your face ups”. honestly, how lovely is that? it may not seem like a lot to some but it means a ton to me. thank you so much msdoll!


so i think i finally settled on a hanger design. inspired by some of the vintage hangers my mother has. don’t ask why i’m so obsessed with these lately.
as for the sweater, it’s going to a very patient friend who has waited way too long for me to get this done. it’s for a girl and since i don’t have one in my collection i’m crossing my fingers that it will fit.

hito's new sweater

i can honestly say that i don’t think this sweater could have come out more perfect for this boy. the fit, the color and everything else about it screams hitomu. this was the last of this lovely yarn and i knew i wanted this last little bit for one of my boys. i’m glad it worked so well for hito. i am a happy girl. (btw now i have to buy another d612 boy. the body is too perfect for hito)
i started on another mature mini sweater today. well actually i was able to get all but the weaving in of the ends. thank you snow days.
now all i have to do is photograph the rest of my collection and i hope to have them up on doa this weekend.

speaking of weekend, cait, lauren and i will be taking the train over to the dc meet this weekend. it’s been a long time since i’ve been to teaism. it should be fun.


these guys are so delicate. i love how they turned out. they fit both my elfdoll and d612 hands. now i need to try them on a few other pairs of hands just to see who can and can’t wear them.
by the way, these are made of 100% lace weight merino wool. super soft and the drape on them is lovely.
tak, my elfdoll wu is wearing them in the photo. i love the classic style elfdoll hands. it’s hard to tell in the photo but they are the loveliest hands out there. sd-17s are a close second.

this is actually the second pair of these that i’ve made. mini rant behind the cut. More»