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tag your it

yeah by the title you just know that this is going to be an exciting doll post.

for shits and giggles i sewed some of my new tags onto my puki hats. they totally work and are so cute. mallory got her hat today. both she and dark_skada (on lj) both said some lovely things about my hats are were very encouraging. thank you ladies!

my sister cait received her elfdoll hazy. i can not wait to see her. she’s commissioned me to do her face up so we’ll see how that goes. i’ll get to play with her for a bit.
i still have katie’s jury07 to paint up as well. i would like to have it done before this weekend. there are only few chances for us to hang out so i would hate to see her wait forever. it’s going to be a busy week.

by the way the boxes came in:

romantic hito

so as much as i love this boy i just could get over those blue eyes. i decided today to give a few others a try. sadly my olive uk glass eyes from a group order haven’t come in yet so i had to throw in some glibs. what a difference. he looks so much warmer. the blue eyes made him looks so cold before and it clashed with his face up and warm look. these are staying until the new eyes come in.

in crafty news, i made some new labels today. a smaller version of the tags i use on my sweaters. i had so much fun making mallory’s puki hat that i could stop making more (this time for the captain). since they follow a lot of my amigurumi designs the possibilities are endless. i’m thinking of adding these to my knit collection so look out for them soon. and with lovely tiny tags on each and everyone.
i’m aiming for the first week of april to open my sales thread. so look for it soon. the last thing i was waiting for was packaging and my boxes should be here tomorrow. yay!


after finishing up mallory’s space cap i decided to give another design a go. to cute, right? you should see it when it’s on. sadly i had to skip it tonight. my camera is poo in low light(as you can already tell with the lovely photo above.
anyway, these guys are just too cute to make. i have a whole list of ideas to try. i may have a small collection for some of the shows coming up.

what a cutie

yes, i don’t know how but i managed to get him to stand on his own with one leg bent.

the mr and i took a little walk over to the park early yesterday morning to see if we could get some good doll photos in. the ones i managed to get were really cute but there really wasn’t much to take photos of. as the mr said “there are only so many ‘dolls in tree hole’ pictures you can take”.
btw, this is the most “boy” like mizuko has ever look. if that makes sense. i had him wear shou’s maroon henley shirt for the first time. usually the boy is pasteled out like crazy which usually makes his blushed out face stand out (doesn’t help matters at all in most cases). he was really cute in these photos.

btw, hyde has a new wig. happy days!
if you want to check out some more, i posted the rest on doa… they are a bit boring though.

love that face

i just love this face *pinch cheek*. tonight i got around to putting a short, doa friendly version, of hito’s bio up. way too much thought was put into it and there will be a longer version up sometime soon on the site. this is what happens now that i don’t have cable… or tv for that matter.

oh and about that crafty bit

puki hat

this is a little custom hat i’m making for mallory. is it not hilarious? oh so tiny.
she wants antennae on the top with a chin strap underneath. i should have it finished this weekend.
i’m also planning to make a few more in different styles. even though the captain is a bit more conservative in style, pukis are so fun to knit and crochet for.

here is another side view. the captain looks as though to ask “get it off! get it of!”
get it off! get it off!

new pants

finally got around to buying hito a new pair of pants. emile’s pair wasn’t cutting it for the boy. i got these from the awesome hitasura. the detail is amazing and totally up hito’s alley.
truth be told though, they are a tad large on the mudoll lpp body. that’s kind of the reason why i decided to go with a little monica body instead. i want hito to wear the clothes i make and buy instead of hoping for a perfect fit.

drayton2 #3

i’m not obsessed with this sculpt… not one bit;_;.
this is the third drayton in my collection. the mr wanted to try his hand out for the photo contest so he asked me to paint him up. he was asking for an assassin, katie suggested something very kuroshitsuji and i was thinking something the complete opposite of hito. mixed them all together and this is what i got. though if i aimed a little more towards the first two suggestions i think i would have laid off the lips a little. unfortunately i couldn’t help myself. lips are a weakness when painting heads. i save them for the very last and can spend as much time on them as i do on brows. draytons are no exception. these boys are all lips and i think they are the loveliest ever sculpted.
i used a lot of cool colors this time around. the recent trend for me have been warm colors though. lots of cool pinks, browns and plums. i also gave him smokey eyes… or at least as smokey as i can get (not saying much). he still needs lashes. i have some but not as dark and long as i want for him.

he has no name as of yet and i really can’t tell you much about him. he a total mystery for now but doesn’t seem to want to give up any info so it may take awhile.

twin torment

i’m just sneaking this one in here tonight. i’m up way to late checking out photos from the meet and lol’ing my butt off. great time! i still have to go through my photos so i should have some up tomorrow.
by the way, teasing the twins is so much fun. i have quite a few blackmail photo to taunt them with. this is just one of them. while spike is feeling a bit humiliated right now sean is laughing his little resin hide off.

oh before i forget, for those who have lj and want to keep up to date with this and my amu blog feel free to friend me. my amubleu account feeds from both blogs. if you prefer one over the other just let me know and i’ll figure out the whole filter thing.

hito <3

so it’s a day later and i’m so in love with this boy. i can’t put him down. who would have thought he would have turned out so lovely. he’s my odd one in the bunch. my french/japanese boy. i’m working on a bio for him that i hope makes sense. i’m not very good at these things.
i’m hoping to have bio for all of the boys sometime soon. i plan on having a link on the side bar of the blog so that people can access them if they want.

now in other news i found out today that supia doll is no longer using a dealer to sell their dolls internationally. you can now order directly from their site. now why would i, amu, even care about a company that only makes female dolls? well friends, it seems as though i have finally found a girl for my group. a girl! unheard of! crazy! I KNOW! i’ve fallen head over heels for rosy. thanks to sdink‘s tallulah, i found that this girl has some serious potential. besides the lovely asian sculpt and the amazing body i think she would fit in just fine with my crew. plus the idea of knitting clothes for her has me dancing. she would be a fun one to knit for.