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testing.... testing

the mr grabbed my camera this evening to test it’s “depth of field (i hope thats right)” out using takumi as his test subject. i spotted these photos an desided to put them up. tak looks so serious in these.
i also like how una, in the background, seems to grow as the photos were taken.

double posting from the amu blog behind cut to spare lj friends the double vision

i heart msdoll

besides being an amazing artist there are other reasons


it was only a year ago that i got my own le petit prince from mudoll. sadly the rights to use the character are about to expire and d612 project will no longer be selling the full set. seriously if you were entertaining the thought of getting one before, get him now. i think they stop making the full sets the first week in march and may continue to sell the doll itself at a later time.
he is such a lovely doll and at the price he’s going for and with all that he comes with you can’t find a better deal. i’m so tempted to get another so that hitomu can have his own body and emile can have his back. maybe i could mod the eyes on the extra head closed.


i was taking silly photos at the hotel while people were running around the con or taking naps. it seem that these guys had the same idea… or at least one of them.

katsucon doll knits

i finished the sweaters last night with some lovely tags the mr printed for before leaving for the con. i think they are a nice touch.
so far the convention is nice. not a lot of doll stuff going on. the yearly panel was canceled but there were quite a few meets going on. we missed the first one this afternoon but made it to a mini baltimore meet this evening. alyssa brought the rement kotatsu that i purchased from her for the girls. i can’t wait to put it together when we get home. it will be a cute prop for photos.
tomorrow is another doll meet. i should get some pictures. i’ll try to post some asap. i have a few from the last few days that turned out quite nice so they will be posted soon as well.

shiny new cards

today i received my new cards for my doll knits. i’m very excited because they are so very lovely.

i have a busy day tomorrow. so much to do and the boys are far from ready… well except hitomu (the drayton… still fooling around with the name). all must be cleaned up and packed. i’m not looking forward to the end of the day. i have a feeling it’s going to end a lot later then i hope.

another sweater

another photo of “the drayton” wearing another sweater. even though i really like both sweaters i would love to keep this one. like the last one, its made of kid mohair. it’s super soft and has a lovely glow about it. the collar has a key hole opening on the side. something a little different.

so i’m using “the drayton” again as my model even though i do have other dolls (excuse the hair). i just love him. he’s very close to having a name. i have a small list but so far i’m really liking hitomu. we’ll see very soon.

migidoll owen

migidoll has done it again. from the end of feb to mid march she is releasing a new sculpt named owen. so far i only have a ryu but i can totally see myself adding this new boy to the collection as well. i love his profile. his nose is just beautiful.
she has another one lined up as well named yuri but so far no pictures have been taken.
ugh… just when i told myself no more floating heads for the next six months.

so-nyeon-gi yujin

now i don’t know very much about so-nyeon-gi but her dolls are beautiful and her photography is amazing. her earlier sculpts are a soft and child like but her most recent ones have been a bit more mature. so-nyeon-gi’s last sculpt, ryun, caught my attention but since it was right after the msdoll drayton2 release and during the holiday season i sadly had to pass. all of her sculpts so far have been limited but i’m hoping for a re-release sometime in the future.
for now i’ll keep my eyes open for yujin. the photos don’t reveal a whole lot but from what i can see he almost looks like a dreaming version of ryun. i can’t wait for more photos.
it also seems that she will be releasing a photo book as well. i’m crossing my fingers that this will be available in the us.

*photos from this post are not mine but from migidoll and so-nyson-gi

thr dreamy drayton

i wasn’t going to my doll picture post until i posted tak, my first doll and the reason for the insanity, but this lovely sculpt has been gaining so much of my attention lately. plus he’s borrowing a body from another doll from my collection nor does he have a name. for now he is known as “the drayton”.
“the drayton” is actually a drayton 2 from msdoll. after receiving him in dec i was going to leave him be until i finished up a few of my other heads but a japanese collector (and another doll) inspired me to give him a go. after he was finished it was love a first sight. i’m really happy with how he turned out. so now i’m in the market for a sd13 body and another head to mod the eyes. i’m not quite sure when msdoll will put him up for sale again but i hope very soon.

btw, “the drayton” is modeling the sweater i was working on all week. it turned out better then expected. i’m going to make note to knit the collar a little longer. you really can’t see in the photos but it should be a bit fuller. i’m thinking the the added length will add a bit more bulk.