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takumi sweater

working on a modified version of my “takumi” sweater. i’m going to try a different collar this time around. i love this kid mohair. it’s so delicate looking and gives off this pretty glow when worn.
i’m planning on having a few sweater sets on display in the art gallery at katsucon 15. accessories will be made as well for each set. photos will be taken as soon as everything is together.

busy finding a body for “the drayton”. i think i’m going to just go with an sd13 (sd17, i wish, but too tall next to tak, my elfdoll wu). the other day i spotted a newish company little monica. they make a boy body that is just a tad cheaper then a second market sd13. i haven’t heard reviews yet but it will be a awhile before i’m ready for the purchase. i know that “the drayton2″ will work since msdoll is currently selling the head with the little monica body (korea only). if only i spoke korean, i would totally buy up the body and another head (for modding).
as i said i have some time. i may just end up with sd13 but we’ll see.

first meet of the year

i’ve been holding this off for a while now and i figured there was no better topic for a doll blog then the first doll meet of the year. the january meet was at the baltimore chop. i awesome little bookstore/cafe. the attendance was good and the mochas were great. here are some photos from the event. (warning: image heavy)