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Yuuta and Kouta would like to wish everyone a Happy New Years! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday this year. I had a great one myself. It was loads more productive that I had expected. I got to spend a lot of time with the Mr and my family and pretty much over ate everyday I was off…. Meh, that is what New Years resolutions are for, right?! After a week long vacation I’m heading back to work starting tomorrow. I had a very good 2013 and I look forward to 2014. I’m going to work on being more productive and creative this year.
Before I end this though…

Due to the craziness that was New Years I almost forgot that yesterday was Tsuyoshi third anniversary here in the amu house. For one to have the nerve to officially break my long running “No YoSD” rule this little guy has been way more fun than expected. Thanks for the adventurous years little kuma. Let wish for many more.


Playing and changing the neemos last night I saw that the shorts that Littlebearries gave me had working pockets. After having Kouta give them a try sassy Kouta was made. Somehow I managed to get him to stand with one foot flat and the other on it’s toes. These Neemo boys surprise me some times.


Daisuke and his mittens<3 We have had two snow days here in Baltimore so far yet by the time I’ve gotten a free moment to take out door photos of Daisuke in his mittens the snow had been completely melted. Hopefully I’ll get another chance this winter.


Doll people are good people.

I met the lovely Littlebearies through one of favorite places, instagram. In case people do not know she has a wonderful site called The Majokko Shop. If there was anything you needed to know or just simply wanted to keep up on Pure Neemo news I can not recommend her site enough. Loads of wonderful photos, product reviews and even interview with other collectors and artist in the hobby. Her own collection of cutie Neemos is worth the visit alone. You can also check out her lovely photos on her flickr page.
Heather was super helpful when I would hound ask her various question on size and clothes. She had made an offer to send Yuuta a few items to help build his wardrobe. Feeling ever so grateful, I had sent her one of my prototype neemo sized mohair sweaters as a thank you for all her help and for her girls to try out. Yuuta and Kouta got more than they both expected. Not only did they get new clothes but everything they would ever need to help celebrate the holiday season. A lovely holiday tree and ornaments from Blinkydoll’s Boutique , loads of wrapped goodies and a new pet bunny which the boys are still in the process of naming.

The package also included tiny neemo sized holiday cards made by Heather herself. … Look at those envelopes! So teeny!
These boys are ready to put on some pjs, heat some hot cocoa and enjoy their holiday season.
Thank you again Littlebearies!


Two Yuutas in contrasting sweaters. Actually the little guy on the left is Yuuta’s new friend Kouta.

Kouta is a Magic Boy of Moonlight Yuuta that I picked up at Mandarake. Ebay prices were just insane for this boy but Mandarake sold him for just a hair over his original cost. This was my second time buying from them. Great to deal with and fast. Would purchase from them again in a heart beat.

A long post behind the cut… it’s been a while so bear with me…

I lugged these two hefty boys around DC just to hopefully get a few shots of them in some of the Sakura trees. I would like to say that I would have left one of them home (but I would have been lying) Luckily it’s been a chilly spring so the blossoms were late bloomers. This weeping sakura that my two are sitting in was completely bare last year (and roped off). We were totally luckily this year so I got a really lovely shots. More»

Daisuke has only been to a few meets but every single time he has gone with out shoes on. How rude! Since the DC Sakura Matsuri meet is next weekend I thought it was about time this boy finally got some proper shoes. Sadly I wasn’t too happy with the few doll sized geta I have seen in the shops that carry them so I figured I would try making a pair.


Awesome shop photos taken by the Mr.
(I like how sassy Tsuyoshi looks. Cracks me up)
I finally updated the shop. Lots of tiny short and a few sweaters for the bigger boys. I plan on making another update this month that will include Yo sweater and some sweater for the much larger boys, the Gou body (these will also work for the SD17guys as well). So busy knitting…
I’m not sure if you spotted this yet but Haru is wearing the first YoSD sized fair isle sweater (I say first since I’m on my third one working out additional problems that keep popping up). I’ll go more into this in another post but here is a night shot I took of him wearing it.

Such a cutie<3